Course Guide for Barbados Golf Club

Barbados Golf Club invites you to play challenging yet rewarding golf on our 18-hole par 72 course. Have a sneak peak of the course by clicking on the hole thumbnails below...

  • #1 Tee
    #1 Tee
    The opening par 5 hole plays 478 yards off the blue tees and 442 yards off the ladies tees. The fairway is straight and generous but you should be aware of the fairway bunkers to the right near the 200 yard marker. The green slopes gently towards the fairway but pars and even birdies are the norm, giving a good start to your round.
  • #2 Green
    #2 Green
    A very interesting par three, merely 136 yards to the down hill green that is guarded by a bunker to the front. A well directed shot that stops quickly on this narrow green is key otherwise a wide and deep bunker to the back will test your skills in getting the ball back up to the flag.
  • #3 Tee
    #3 Tee
    One of the two holes with a dogleg to the right, this 409 yard par four requires a well placed drive to avoid trees and bunkers on the right side of the fairway. The green is guarded by bunkers on the left side, requiring a well-crafted approach shot.
  • #4 Green
    #4 Green
    This is rated as the most difficult hole on the course. Measuring 409 yards off the blue tees and 354 yards off the ladies tees, this hole flows as a dog leg left. An errant shot may catch the right to left wind and drift out of bounds. Taking an extra club or two from a good position on the right of the fairway will ensure that you hit the green in regulation.
  • #5 Fairway
    #5 Fairway
    The fairway is generous but don't be fooled by the tee box which is aligned to the right of the desired target area. A well planned second shot is required to clear the left bunkers and stop the ball on the narrow green.
  • #6 Green
    #6 Green
    The wind can help on this 183 yard par three where birdies are easily achievable. Sandy pars are not unusual even if balls find the bunker bordering the left side of the green.
  • #7 Green
    #7 Green
    This challenging dog-leg-left hole can be shortened by a well placed drive that avoids trouble on the left. If you fancy your chances to reach this par five green in two strokes, you may want to take an extra club on account of having to hit into the wind that blows from the right. A more conservative approach will get you there in regulation and avoid the water hazard on the left.
  • #8 Green
    #8 Green
    A good drive into the wind on this 315 yard par 4 hole leaves you with an up-hill wedge shot to the flag. Do not leave it short however as a trio of bunkers may come into play. You would be proud to make birdie when the hole is cut in the left pin position as a telling slope often requires a good read of the break and even better control of speed on the putt.
  • #9 Green
    #9 Green
    The club house is visible from the straight away tee box on this par 4 hole. Good club selection on the second shot may get you to the generous green at 431 yards. A playable coral waste bunker decorates the left of the green but be mindful of the water hazard beyond.
  • #10 Green
    #10 Green
    Measuring 163 yards off the ladies tee and 188 yards from the men's blue tees, the shot to the green carries over a depressed coral waste area. There are gentle falls on all parts of this long narrow green so rolling the ball in for birdie sets up an excellent back nine.
  • #11 Green
    #11 Green
    The elevated tee box engenders a sense of power and encourages a good drive toward the 387 yard, par 4 target. Here the wind at times may amplify an errant shot that finds trouble to the right. Gentle slopes on the green produce smooth turning putts that will find the cup from a good read of the break.
  • #12 Tee
    #12 Tee
    This hole is characterised by trouble along the entire length of the right side of this 508 yard, par 5 strip. When the wind favours with its presence, both ladies and gentlemen will be pleased with the gift of 10 additional yards in the fairway. The second and third shots play uphill to an expansive green where the ball seems to be generous in roll at times. From this green, delightful views can be seen of the blue Caribbean Sea.
  • #13 Green
    #13 Green
    A generous green sits at 178 yards from the par three tee box. A straight shot into the wind is usually rewarded with a soft landing and a walk with a putter in hand but a miss to the left or right will require a good up and down for par. Very few pin positions on this green are flat and the roll is often deceptively fast.
  • #14 Green
    #14 Green
    This is the only dog leg right on the back nine. A majestic plum tree at 180 yards is a good marker for framing your landing area in the middle of the fairway. Then an accurate short iron into the green in regulation is achievable. The gently tiered green requires a good read and controlled speed to make birdie, but a par here is good reward for playing well on this hole.
  • #15 Tee
    #15 Tee
    This 473 yard par 5 hole invites a long drive but a miss to the left or right of the fairway may require you to scramble to make par. The green on this hole is found in a dog leg location to the left and is tucked behind an ancient bearded fig tree. If you are equal to the challenge from the fairway position after executing a good drive and take the second shot over the bearded fig tree you may be rewarded with an eagle or birdie. Once too often however poor execution on this hole has led to disappointing results. Many good players choose the strategy of getting on this green in regulation for a sure birdie or par.
  • #16 Tee
    #16 Tee
    This is the local "Amen Corner" of the Barbados Golf Club where the double challenges of the intervening expansive lake and the head-on wind require a steady nerve and correct club selection. A drop zone on the other side ensures an uphill chip to the flag for those who could not make the short walk to the par 3 green with putter in hand and "Amen" on their lips.
  • #17 Tee
    #17 Tee
    For the ladies, 305 yards and for the gentlemen, from the blue markers, 355 yards this hole can be very pleasing if a good drive is secured. The shot into the green has to take the elevated green and head-on wind into consideration. Balls that do not carry on to the green may find bunkers to the left or right. This green is the most severly sloping one on the course and features four cascading terraces that feed down towards the fairway and a well positioned bunker. A short putt is always desirable here.
  • #18 Green
    #18 Green
    This hole concludes your round on the course that was designed to encourage "Golf for All" and to provide challenging fun over and over again. This par 5 invites a long final drive to make good progress on this 458 yard hole. On the second and third shots you must be mindful of an intervening water hazard that splits the expansive fairway from 100 yards out and crosses over into a pond to the right of the green. The 18th green itself is part of a unique horseshoe, triple green that wraps around the pond to serve the #9 hole with the third section serving as the practice green. At the end of a satisfying round with friends you are at the clubhouse bar again planning the next round under tropical skies and surrounded by lush greens and colourful landscapes. We look forward to welcoming you again.
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We also recommend viewing the course layout which provides virtual views with audio of each hole, including tips for a good round of golf in Barbados!

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